Our Partners and Associates

Working in association with local law societies and providers to the legal profession, LEAP helps law firms get up, running and benefiting from its innovative software. Working closely with our associates and partners we deliver optimal training and support to meet their members needs.

About LEAP

LEAP occupies a unique position in the legal software market by providing the ultimate legal practice productivity solution, a multi-faceted product that helps legal practitioners enhance productivity in all aspects of their practice.

Future-proofing legal services

LEAP invests more than £13 million every year into research and development so that law firms remain at the forefront of technology, access the latest legal content and remain compliant professional rules and with regulations.

  • Centralise matter information and correspondence
  • Work on matters in real-time and from any device
  • Keep charges, rates and key information up-to-date within the software
  • Simplify document production and sharing with powerful automation tools and integrations
  • Access a comprehensive library of legal guides, forms and precedents
  • Improve accounting efficiencies and maximise profit with effortless invoicing, billing and reporting capabilities within LEAP

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